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As with everything in British American Football, lots of chatting on facebook leads to sharing of ideas and good practice. So I’m going to talk about how we film our games and practices at Bournemouth University in a couple of posts.


First of all, here’s a quick introduction into the equipment we use, and software we need to use it.

Camera: GoPro Hero 3+ Silver
A fairly budget action camera £250-300, however has 1080p film quality, and gives us three Fields of Vision; vital to the two different ways that we film our games and practice



Tripod: We went really cheap with our tripod, purely because it will be moved a lot and needs to be light-weight enough that the camera-person doesn’t moan about having to move it around. We used this one all season, and it broke in our final game due to me trying to straighten a leg.. I’m sure it would have lasted longer if I hadn’t touched it!


Telescopic rod: This is where it get’s tricky, we’ve already got a tripod to hold the camera straight, however we needed elevation to get a better view of what’s going on. Our solution was actually a broken clothes-rail which had a flat end, and gave us a view from about 3-4 Meters high, however a lot of other coaches swear by a telescopic rod from a building supplies shop. Look out for one that has a flat end to attach the GoPro mount to and you’ll be sorted. Here’s some photos of what we use to get the camera higher up:


Software: We use the GoPro App to import our film onto the computer, which you can download by going to and clicking on ‘Shop’ and going to apps, you can then download the software through the site.
I also recommend downloading the GoPro App on your phone, or buying a GoPro remote if you want to stop/start filming regularly, due to issues with Hudl Mercury which I’ll explain later on.

The next thing we do is upload it to Hudl via Hudl Mercury, if you haven’t used it yet, get it! It allows you to cut film into shorter clips, and combine clips if your camera guys accidentally stop the camera mid-play.
We have found however, that Hudl Mercury has a maximum clip length of 5 minutes, and this can cause issues in the running order of your film if you film as one long video then chop it up, so I recommend using a remote to stop/start your filming during a game to stop this from happening


Next time I’m going to go into the advice we give our camera men, including settings, where we want them to stand and what to do whilst filming, so make sure you follow these posts!

Yours in Football

Charlie Anderson



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