Jim’s and Joe’s

I’ve recently been thinking about our mid-season break; we took some time to assess how the plays and formations we were running didn’t work and what we could do to fix it all. Advertisements

Game Film- Part 2

So we’ve got ourselves set with equipment, got our software sorted and it’s game-day.

Offset Offensive Line Part 3- Linebacker Flow & Reads

I’m really getting into this series; firstly because it’s always good fun thinking about the X’s and O’s of football, but also because it reminds me of things that we do well, or things that we do instinctively that should be key in coaching players.

Offset Offensive Line Part 1- An Intro

Now at some point in every coach’s career, they’re going to come across an offensive front that they’ve never seen before, or uncommon enough that it seems “new”.