Offset Offensive Line Part 1- An Intro

Now at some point in every coach’s career, they’re going to come across an offensive front that they’ve never seen before, or uncommon enough that it seems “new”.

The Struggle is Real

How often in life do we think “this is really hard” or “I’m finding it difficult to get through to these kids”?

For the love of the game

I was thinking about how football brings people together the other day, through the highs and the lows I’ve made some of the closest friends I’ll ever know. But I’ve found myself feeling a bit “burnt out” recently

Week to Week

So yesterday I went on a bit of a rant with my blog about practice, but with little to no evidence to back it up. I’m going to walk you through the process I take here at BU to plan practice sessions in order to give you a better idea of how it works.

Out with the Old

Being British means that I’m part of a culture; of moaning, queuing, apologising for pointless things; like walking in front of someone, and being overly polite. Which in my time as a coach I’ve seen bleed across into conversations had at clinics, education events and whenever coaches get together. It drives me nuts.