Offset Offensive Line Part 1- An Intro

Now at some point in every coach’s career, they’re going to come across an offensive front that they’ve never seen before, or uncommon enough that it seems “new”. Advertisements

Hey Coach!

I asked one of our Assistant Coaches; Jordan Dey (Receivers) to write a post about his experiences this past season and how it went for him as a rookie coach: “Here I am, sat in my dressing gown 5 days after the final game of the season. I’ve just eaten a microwave burger and I’ve decided now…

University American Football in the UK

This is a snapshot into why I believe American football is the best possible university sport you can play in the UK: Picture this: You’ve just left home for the first time and you’re living in halls of residence. Everyone in your flat is going out to clubs because that’s what seems to be a…


I was chatting last night with Stuart Andrew; Head Coach at the Worcester Royals, about building a culture within our teams.

Building a Coaching Staff

Over the past couple of years I’ve had a great time coaching young men, who have taught me a lot about the value of true dedication and brotherhood.

Just like Novocaine…

I was watching Remember the Titans over the weekend. I’m not gonna lie, it’s one of my favourite all time football-films.